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  • expressgamesale:What to do to set Wild Star up for Success [03/19/2014]
    As a professional MMORPG webstores for over 9 years, from being in the beta and seeing new people join every beta weekend and the same questions being asked every time-What can we do to set Wildstar up for success?
  • Kingdoms of Amalur Release Announced [03/12/2014]
    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and the team working on it remain steadfast in their goal of delivering the best Realm versus Realm experience on the market. Subscribers will still get a full, ric...
  • Ask the Devs [03/12/2014]
    In this latest installment of the "Ask the Devs" segment, the development team for Final Fantasy XIV focused on several questions and issues that new players to the game face. A breakdown of map inf...
  • expressgamesale:WildStar Mounts Preview [05/22/2014]
    Mounts in the WildStar more than just a way to get from here and there, while they so ease the pain of travel, and the most excellent thing about them is just you can customize them to express yourself style. In other words, you can customize mounts as you like.
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