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  • BlizzCon 2010 Announced! [03/12/2014]
    If you've been holding your breath waiting to find out when and where the next BlizzCon would be held, then... you've probably passed out by now. But if you've just been patiently watching for an a...
  • New Tinkertown and Gnomeregan [03/12/2014]
    Cataclysm Preview: New Tinkertown and the Fight for Gnomeregan As Gnomeregan's exiles set out to reclaim their beloved capital from the treasonous Mekgineer Thermaplugg, we bring you a first look at...
  • Halls of Origination [03/12/2014]
    As with Uldaman and Ulduar, Uldum houses one of only a few of the known titan constructions, the existence of which predates that of mortal life on Azeroth. For years historians have explored southern...
  • The reward when you complete the quest "An Acrididaen Anodyne" has been adjusted [03/12/2014]
    A version update of FINAL FANTASY XIV was performed at the following time. *The reward when you complete the quest "An Acrididaen Anodyne" has been adjusted. Once the quest has been complete...
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