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  • World of Warcraft Cataclysm Tol Barad [03/12/2014]
    An island off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, Tol Barad is a historic land now sought-after by the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance. Its strategic, isolated location makes it an ideal strongho...
  • Hoodlums Update Exclusive Preview [03/12/2014]
    1.Guild Sores: Creepy It seems very odd that just about everyone in the game world has a missing dog or they have a curse placed on them.  I for one am very glad I don't actually live in thi...
  • the release date and pre-order of diablo 3 [03/12/2014]
    I'll admit, Blizzard Entertainment has always been bad at release dates and usually delays games way beyond what everyone expects. But finally, 10 years and supposedly several scrapped versions la...
  • Chocobos Renamed Horsebird in FFXIV(JP) & Fearful Monster Screens [03/12/2014]
    Players may have lots of reasons to express their disappointment to Final Fantasy XIV and now, Japanese players and those who want to play the Japanese version have one more reason to slam FFXIV(JP) a...
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