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  • The Rumor Mill: FFXIV Delayed to 2011?! [03/12/2014]
    Ruh roh folks, some news off the old rumor mill, and not all of it is good. Cording to various sources, issues with the alpha test may hold Final Fantasy XIV back to a 2011 release. Key amongst the i...
  • expressgamesale:Wildstar Gardening Guide - How to plant and grow crops [05/23/2014]
    In this Wildstar video I show you how to start your gardening experience in WildStar. How to plant and grow crops in WildStar. plant and grow crops allows us to get a lot of items, wildstar platinum, Sell crops exchange wildstar paltinum and buy equipment, items, weapons, etc.
  • Battle Regimens and Incapacitation [03/12/2014]
    In another post by Square Enix they have explained how battle regimens work and the effects they have. This is a game mechanic that isn't very well understood by the FFXIV community so the informatio...
  • Worldbreaker Release Party [03/12/2014]
    Worldbreaker, the first World of Warcraft Trading Card Game set to feature Cataclysm content, releases worldwide on December 14, and stores around the worldwill host Worldbreaker Release Parties on th...
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